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Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd


For the past many months I have kept quiet on what might be the most exciting news of all. I have been accepted to start a doctoral degree in Art History at Harvard University.

In order to move into my new abode in Boston my father was gracious enough to accompany me on an East Coast Road trip starting in Charlotte NC. In three days we covered over 12,000 miles, crossed 10 states’ borders,  listened to and debated all of the current Malcolm Gladwell podcasts, jammed out to some great oldies,and ate some delicious food. We could have easily done this trip in 15 hours straight and without any stops, but we decided that we didn’t want to just see the East Coast, we wanted to experience it. Therefore, we packed our schedule with sights and tours in the various places we stopped.


Below are some of the highlights from our roundabout adventure across the East Coast!


Day 1: Our Adventure begins in Charlotte NC


Our trusty driver takes to the wheel with his intrepid navigator at his side (not shown)


The accumulated crap we all carry with us from one destination to another (oh and it’s another rolled bed, but not from Ikea)


The first “new” state we entered, and also the only one I was actually able to capture while driving


iStepping back in time at Market on Main in Lynchburg VA for a nice hearty lunch


Replenished, rehydrated and ready for leg two of our journey!


Day 2: Washington DC. Thankfully we are better at driving than we are at taking selfies…


We found one of the two Philz outside of CA 


No better way to start the day than by driving by the historic buildings that have forged and continue to construct American history. 


Up close and personal.



About as close as we got to the White House. Looks like we need to take another trip to DC to truly enjoy these buildings. 


We might have walked back in time during out visit to The Amish Farm and House in Lancaster PA, but don’t think that they live segregated from the rest of society, just look at that Target next to our tourist site. 



The first of many reconstructions depicting how a “typical” Amish Family lives


Although this table seats more than the average American family, this would not be enough room for the average Amish family, which usually have at least seven children. 


An idealized bedroom to depict different men’s fashion. 


We finally learned what all the leafy green plants on the side of the road were: lucrative tobacco.


A machine that enables four children to work the tobacco fields. 


After it is harvested, tobacco is hung to dry in sheets like these


This tobacco is typically turned into cigars according to the display. 



A place to park your buggy when you want to visit Target. 


Views of Farms while on the tour of the countryside, if you see green shades in the folowign images you know you ahve found an Amish home. 



Sunset falling over the Hudson River Valley


Day 3: Selfie skills have slightly improved. Leaving Waterbury CT after having some of the BEST breakfast potatoes we have ever eaten at Johnny’s Breakfast and Lunch


The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park NY


A glimpse of the Traditional Family Home, where Sarah Delano held court


This was FDR’s personal bedroom where the secret black phone was used to keep him abreast of issues of state during WWII.


A monument to memorialize the couple that served our country with all of their hearts and souls


The Oval Office Desk where FDR fought for the Four Freedoms of all Americans: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. 


We finally made it to the Mass Turn PIKE!


Mission Complete! The Mills’s have arrived in Boston!


A first glimspe of my newly decorated room!

I am sure that the next few years will hold many many adventures; however, I am not sure if I will continue to blog with the same frequency as I have in the past. I have decided to maintain the blog this upcoming year, if for nothing else than to help my Ikea followers who drive my stats through the roof, but also to give me the freedom to continue to write if I so choose. Hasta ahora! Un beso a todos!