The Politics of Swimming


In many ways the panic of moving was amplified, not only by my desire to stay with my friends, but also due to logistical problems. The last weekend of September I traveled to the Kansas City Missouri, for a conference (more about this below) and towards the end of October and November I attended the Swimming World Cup in Tokyo and Doha (more about this in a future post), which meant that I would have to get my move done before the meet, long before the end of the month. Fortunately, the day before I left for Kansas City I met my current landlord and finalized the details, allowing me to travel with at least the peace of mind that I had a place to go.

During Summer Nationals I was invited to serve as a National Team Delegate at the United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Annual Conference. This conference invites all of the aquatic sports to convene, with delegates of all levels (young age group swimmers, college athletes, coaches and officials), in order to provide the best governance possible to their respective sports. The first three days were filled with many meetings and other events that covered every aspect of our sport, with the last day reserved for a final vote on new measures at the House of Delegates. It was fascinating to see all of the different layers to our sport, especially since I have only really focused on my part by swimming. I am extraordinarily thankful for all of the time and dedication that so many people devote to our sport to ensure that I have the best conditions possible to swim fast. As my career is coming to an end, I look forward to my involvement in such organizations to help give back to the sport that has given me so much and also to having excuses to see all of the new and old friends I connected with over the weekend.



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