A New Abode


In late September our landlord called and said that since her daughter’s family was expanding in February she would not renew our contract. As it was presented to us, we had two options: the first would be stay in the flat until February, or the second would be move out in the fall. Given that my time in Spain is now limited, I knew I would have more problems finding a decent flat in February than in October because landlords want tenants for at least six month stays. My other roommates, each for their own reasons, felt that an earlier move was also in their best interest. And thus began, my last apartment search in Madrid. I found many flats, but like Goldilocks this one was too small, that one too expensive, ect. After visiting close to 20 I couldn’t find the perfect one.

In desperation, I called a good friend who was from my neighborhood, hoping that maybe he knew another way to search. To my good fortune, he knew the perfect solution and helped me find my current flat. At the time, I couldn’t imagine life without my closest friends who have become my family. I was most afraid that the move would mean that our easy familiarity would be lost and we would lose contact with one another. Now looking back, in some ways I was right, the low keys conversations in the kitchen waiting for our dinners to heat up no longer occur. However, now that we must plan and organize our time to be together, we take better advantage of it. I might not see them every day, as I would like to, but I am now convinced that we will always stay close. Just another remember of the pertinence of Jobs; “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”


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