My Last Copa de Clubes



My first big meet with Real Canoe was the Copa de Clubes in 2013. Two weekends ago I competed in what will be my last Copa de Clubes. The meet is comprised of 8 teams going head to head. There are two heats of each event, with one swimmer from each team present. Anyone from any heat can win an event; however, typically the event winners come from the second heat. All of the 16 swimmers are ranked and points are given in descending order and the team who has the most points overall wins the meet.

I absolutely love this meet. Everyone gets really excited and will come in with drums, costumes and other noisemakers. We made capes this year and marched in like super heroes, chanting CANOE CANOE.

After four sessions the final scores came in and despite a tough fight we did not come out on top. For the boys, the numerous (questionable) disqualifications most certainly did not aid in their quest for the title. However, they rallied and moved from sixth into third place. As for us girls, I was incredibly proud of the way that every girl stepped up to the plate and competed. We had a lot of young swimmers who were competing against veterans from other clubs, and they did not let the pressure affect their swims. In the end we placed second overall! With so much young talent, I am sure that they will continue to be one of the top clubs for years to come!!

Click here to read more about the meet.



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