Catching the Festive Spirit


Before everyone headed home for the holidays, we decided to celebrate three important “American” occasions at the once: Thanksgiving*, Christmas, and New Years. In other words, New Thanksmas.

Apparently, half of Madrid also decided to celebrate the end of the year that Tuesday, with the latter half of the week reserved for office and other work celebrations. Therefore, only a few of our close friends were able to celebrate with us, which in the end was probably much better for all of our neighbors.


Starry night (although they fell down far too quickly…)



Homemade party props






We asked that everyone provide a personal savory dish to compliment my two traditional desserts: Pumpkin Pie (Thanksgiving) and Rum Cake (Christmas). Our dishes varied from savory cheese and meat spreads to homemade sushi and sobrasada triangles. Doesn’t that table make you hungry? And of course, it is not a New Year’s celebration without a little Cava!


The Rum Cake!



Sobrasada triangles before they were cooked



The Life of the Party



Our Sushi chefs



Both of our festive desserts

There’s no better way to celebrate a fabulous year than with close friends and good food!!



*I am well aware that Thanksgiving is the only purely American holiday in this list. It was of utmost importance to me that we celebrate the day in some form this year and since I could not organize a proper celebration due to my competition schedule, it had to appear at this Christmas party in some form. Other than the turkey, I think pumpkin pie is the most quintessential Thanksgiving food. It also helped that I had already bought the pumpkin and roasted and pureed it for the occasion.


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