Ending the Short Course Season with Speed


This past weekend I traveled with Real Canoe to the Short Course Spanish Nationals held in Sabadell, Spain. Besides being the name of one of the principal banks in Spain, Sabadell is also home to one of the largest Spanish clubs. A teammate told me that a few years ago “before the crisis” there were close to 30,000 members at all of their satellite sites in Barcelona. I have no idea what the current number of members is, but since I have many friends who swim here, I was quite excited to see the club.

We competed in one of their largest complexes, which includes both an indoor and outdoor fifty-meter pool, along with a few other 25 meter pools. These are just the polos that I happened to pass by on my way to the competition pool, since my busy schedule did not leave free time to explore other areas.

This meet is a timed finals event, which means that there is only one shot to swim each event and anyone can win, even from heat 1. The tone for the meet was set in the first morning session by Mireia Belmonte who broke the World Record in the mile (As a side note, she also broke the WR last year at this same meet).

I swam the maximum of events: six individual races and five relays, and went a best time in every race except one. On the first day I won my first Spanish Title in the 100 butterfly. The 200 Back was my surprise event of the meet. I was entered with a relatively slow time and so Taja gave me a simple plan: more legs each fifty and to go fast from the beginning. Somehow, I executed the plan, even through the insane leg pain that crept in the last fifty and gave the final heat a little scare with my 2:08,02. Only three girls in that event would swim faster. I guess the moral is we should always follow our race plans! Click here for the rest of the results from the meet.

Although there were cameras throughout the entire meet, this is the only photo where I appear that I can find.

Awards for the 200 IM.

I am proud to say that the women placed third overall, which is two places higher than last year. We had a ton of stellar swims by every girl in our group, whether in individual swims or on relays. With such young talent the future is very bright for this team!  Since the short course season is now officially over, it’s time to get back to the grind and prepare for some fast long course swimming!!!



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