Mills – The Warrior


How does one define a career? I don’t think that any one moment defines one’s career, but rather it’s the sum of all of the little moments. How does he or she respond when things are down and when things are good? Taken together, an overall attitude begins to emerge, demonstrating the true character of the athlete.



This past weekend we all flew in to Princeton to watch Andrew’s last home soccer game. In many ways his journey has been much harder than most, overcoming countless injuries to make it to this game. Andrew could have given in years ago, but instead each set back made him more determined to be the best player possible. Many a forward feared facing him in the back line, knowing that it’d be nearly impossible to get a good goal, let alone score. I’ll never forget the Brown announcer his freshman year proclaiming that he was a “brick wall”. At his senior game the Princeton announcer called him a “warrior”. I found such a description fitting for the constant battle he has waged in the pursuit of excellence, for himself and for his teammates.


In terms of accolades this year has by far been the best. Right now, Princeton is tied with Dartmouth for first place in the Ivy League. All will be decided by next weekend’s games, but it looks promising that they will be invited to the NCAA Tournament. Andrew and his Senior Class have dreamed of competing on the Big Stage since they started their athletic journey at Princeton. Individually, last week after scoring off a header in the Cornell Game he was named amongst the top 20 Ivy League Players and the Ivy Player of the Week. Both well deserved awards for the little brother who never gave up his passion for the sport.







However, fate intervened this past weekend preventing him from playing in this last home game. Once again he is faced with yet another injury and the daunting prospects of surgery and recovery. Although I would not wish this on my worst enemy, Andrew has proven time and time again to prevail in such circumstances that I am sure he will recover without any issues. In the past he has been my mental rock, helping me remain sane and confident in a sport that is 95% percent mental. In fact, I credit him with my current chapter of success. All that I can ask now, is that I can repay the favor and help him through this last storm. With all my love!



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