Hostesses with the mostesses


Although night’s out with friends can be invigorating and just what you need. Recently Rocio and I have been opting for intimate dinners with close friends, which are more conducive to conversation before heading out into Madrid’s streets. I like dinner parties. I like parties and I like themes. I think it runs in my blood, since all of the women in my family know how execute themed parties flawlessly.

However, most of these dinner parties that we throw are themeless. Like last Thursday’s, when we realized we had lots of food and hadn’t seen our friends in a while and invited everyone over for a girls night dinner. I am sure Pintrest has something to offer for a Girls Night Theme, and maybe it’s our ages, but no one seems to notice if the table has a nice center piece or matching plates. We are more concerned about eating and talking with one another, which in the end is the reason for throwing a dinner party, right? My main theory is that no one will remember exactly what you make, nor how it was presented (unless you burn it to a crisp, and then it’s a funny story), but they will remember the fun of getting together and being welcomed into your home for good meals. And so I do not carry on the tradition of great themed parties, (maybe they will come in the future), but I do continue the Perry tradition of being a hostess with the mostess. Below are a few photos from some of our latest get-togethers.

Let the fun begin!!

Let the fun begin!!

 IMG_6691 IMG_6685 IMG_6687

Look at those muscles!

Look at those muscles!

We found Kate's swimming gear…

We found Kate’s swimming gear…



Just keep swimming…

Just keep swimming…



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