Back to the Pool


Although we have been training for almost two months, I count today as the first day of the season because today was the first day we were allowed to compete. It was a simple very low key competition at our home pool, but it serves as the only chance in the fall to swim other events that you do not have times in, so that you can swim them later on in the season. Therefore, I swam mainly off events, but who cares, racing is racing. In fact, it’s more fun to swim something you are not used to swimming because you generally surprise yourself. For instance, today I went a 1:13 in the 100 SCM breaststroke. I was hoping for anything under 1:20, so I clearly blew past my own expectations.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a year of growth. First and foremost, this will be the first season that I swim full time. These past two years due to my masters’ classes in the afternoon have had to miss a few workouts each week. Since I no longer have classes, I can go to every single practice! I can already notice the difference in my endurance from last year, which is exciting because it means we can build on this initial strength and get even better. Additionally, we have a great group of people, who all want to get better generating an atmosphere for fast swimming.

Finally, I have been invited to represent the US for the first time in two different meets: SC Worlds this upcoming December in Doha, Qatar and Pan American Games in June 2015. I cannot express in words my gratitude for these opportunities to compete for the US internationally. I know that these experiences will help prepare me for what’s to come in my career and I look forward to the challenges that come with them.


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