One Hand Man Band


How good are you at multitasking?

Nacho, one of our good friends, has his own band. I mean that he is the band: “One Hand Man Band”. He plays the drums with his feet, the guitar with his hands and sings with all of the rest of his energy. How he coordinates all of the movements is beyond my comprehension. I have heard so many good things about his concerts, but have for whatever reasons not been able to see him in person, until last Saturday.

Vallecas, a small suburb of Madrid, was celebrating their yearly fair and invited One Hand Man Band to preform giving me a glimpse at the multitasking musician. Rocío, Berta, Marta, and I traveled to the fair to see him play. I was struck by his ability to capture all of the emotion and passion of a blues band, without the other members. Supposedly he normally plays with cymbals, which creates an even better sound, but I was not in the least bit disappointed by the event.

Here are a few photos of him playing:



At one point a friend joined him on stage to play the harmonica:


Here are the local fans (in order: Marta, Rocío, Berta, and Kate):



Since it was a day concert, we still had the rest of our Saturday to hang out in Madrid. Rocío and I decided to celebrate the weekend with a nice dinner on the terrace of MUCCA before heading out with other friends. The mussels were even better than they appear in the photo below!!






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