Escaping the HEAT: Rescafría


Summer is winding down. Pumpkin Spiced everything is starting to appear all over social media, and presumably in supermarkets across the US. In Spain there is not the same affinity for all things pumpkin, but our leaves are starting to change color, the universal sign that the summer season has all but come to an end.

To celebrate one of our last weekends of summer Cristian, Rocío, and I took a trip to Rascafría. This is a small town about an hour and a half drive to the north of Madrid, high up in the hills of the Sierra of Guadarrama. After a winding drive along the hillside, we found ourselves in the town where we started asking locals how to get to the river where we could bathe ourselves in the cold mountain water.

As soon as we arrived at the site we launched ourselves into the freezing water. There were two large pools of water built through damns where people were wading into the water. After sufficiently exploring this area we sat down on the grass and ate a picnic lunch we had prepared at home of a pasta/rice salad.

Eventually we had fully thawed by the sun and decided it was time to continue exploring the site. This time we started on foot to try and find the “source” of the river. The farther away we got from the main camp ground the clearer and cleaner the water became; however, only Cristian felt the need to get back into the water. We may not have found the source of the river, but we did find the best campsite.



While heading back to the car we all decided to join Rocío for one last dip into the water that somehow ended with speed races. I may have had an unfair advantage in the water, but I was not the clear photogenic winner in our photos from the bridge. Cristian took a few photos of us, like the one above and then Rocío struck a pose on the bridge, and I thought I was out of view…

 Here’s the photo I thought he was taking:

  how it should be

Here is the actual photo:


Oh well, you win some, and you lose some! Happy end of Summer!!


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