A Thesis in the Making: The First Draft


I have spent the last two years tracing mentally, physically and archivistically the halls of Las Descalzas Reales, in order to fully comprehend how the nun’s who inhabited this space conceived of their convent; and, last Friday the 25th of July I finished the first draft. The six chapters occupy 75 pages and two lines on the 76; however, with the images and appendices it reaches over 120 pages. My adviser wanted a full copy of my ideas before I left for the US, which helps me because now I can travel without it looming over me.


Although the ideas are mine, the work was a joint effort by all of my dear friends, who kindly read chapters and excerpts helping to improve my Spanish. What I loved is that each one, not only added grammatical corrections (which were MUCH needed), but also included input on that specific argument which I believe has made a stronger first draft. I am so indebted to each and everyone of them and cannot believe that I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


Here is a picture of the frontispiece:


In mid-august I will meet with my adviser to start the editing process, but until then I will enjoy my much needed break!!!


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