The Madrid Crew Reunites!


Coordinating schedules is amazingly complex. These past six months Morgane, Tibo, David, Maren and I have been attempting to schedule a reunion of our Madrid Crew. However, there has always been something that has caused us not to all be together. After looking at every weekend from April through September we found only one weekend that truly worked for every person, which was two weekends ago.

Originally, we thought of traveling somewhere new or at least outside of Spain. But in the end with all of the various complications of schedules and lives, we chose the place where we first met: Madrid.

For me this was an ideal choice because it allowed me to speak in the Metabody Conference that Friday without worrying about traveling to another location. Also, since everyone stayed in my flat, we were able to actually connect over home cooked meals with plenty of tinto de verano. Although we doubled the number of occupants of my flat, we attempted to be courteous to my other roommates and create too much craziness.

Since everyone has already lived in the city, we were able to be more selective about our touristic activities. That being said, there were some things that were essential to our weekend, such as shopping on Fuencarral, tanning at Canoe, having drinks in Malasaña, visiting the Mapfre photography exhibir (more on this exhibir in the next post), finding a bar to watch the world cup final, and having a glass of horchata.

It’s always hard balancing the needs and expectations of five very distinctive people; however, in spite of all of the compromises we had a truly unforgettable weekend together.


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