Metabody 4: The Conference of Movement and Gestures


It is not often that historians, philosophers, dancers, and musicians all sit down to discuss the current debate about the body’s movement. Usually, historians tend to separate themselves from every day discussions, preferring pure academic investigations into the past.

With encouragement from Professor Eva Botella Ordinas, I applied to the Conference Metabody 4, which sought to include the historical perspective into these current investigations into gesture and movement. Given the opportunity to present the preliminary findings of my master’s thesis I discussed the particular way in which the nuns conceived of and moved through their convent.

Even with a crowd of very few historians I was able to connect with the audience members, who asked thoughtful and meaningful questions about different aspects of my conference. At the catered lunch we were able to expand on the different themes, but found ourselves mostly speaking about how an American came to Europe for a Master’s Degree and the necessity of universally affordable education.

I have never really thought of myself as a philosopher, especially not of bodies; however, each presentation resonated with me, constantly challenging my perception of self in the world. I left with a new appreciation for the ways in which I move throughout the world, and that is more than you can usually expect from a typical conference.

Here is the digital program, which includes biographies and abstracta for all of the participante! METABODY_conferencia


Here are three fabulous photos that Eva just sent me documenting the event!!

IMG_3076 IMG_3077



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