Mercado de Motores: Sunday afternoon inspiration


Once a month local vendors gather in the Train Museum (Museo de Ferrocarril, the same place where we left on the Strawberry Train to Aranjuez) to sell their specialty goods. There is a whole assortment of items offered, including specialty foods, second hand clothing, refurbished furniture and artists’ sketches. 

 To give you a feel of the ambiance I am attaching the photo from their facebook page


As you walk amongst the train cars live music echoes throughout the building, which furthers the ideal of bringing the public into contact with local artists and sellers. Inspritation spread like wildfire not only from the manner of displaying the individual goods, but also the inventivness of turning something like fruit crates into tables and functional pieces of furniture. Bianca, I believe this is a great venue for your BBands, they were most definetly lacking in the hair decoration department!! 

I was especially captivated by this kitchen table made out of an old wooden door. Next to the table is its maker, although not the best photo of him, I loved interacting with the artists and learning about their visions and processes. One of the most important processes of this market (and any) is the presentation of said goods. It was especially fun to walk around the antique and second hand stalls where they staged fully decorated rooms, especially compared to the curated scenes inside each of the train coaches. 



This is another piece that caught my eye, espcially because we have a couple of crates sitting in our entryway. Who knows if we will ever find the time to make something like this, but it is always fun to find inspiration. 


Although we are sheltered from the rainy Sunday afternoon, after a couple of hours in the building and I was frozen solid. Which I believe preempted my purchase of loose leaf China Green Tea. Currently, I am thawing on the couch sipping my first cup! 


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