Academic Connections: A Young Investigator’s Conference


In 2002 David Armitage, a leading historian, established the three basic principles of Atlantic Studies (Circum, Trans, and Cis). Each of these approaches is designed to create a more fluid understanding of the pluralism of the expanding modern era based upon the Atlantic’s encapsulation through successive journeys across its waters.

This historiographical approach took root in England and America successively breaking down strict nationalistic interpretations of their histories.  Quickly, the Atlantic Ocean became a powerful agent, affecting the trajectories of communications, connections and between the mother countries and her colonies. Although deeply established in Anglo-Saxon countries, it has been relatively slow to gain ground in countries such as Spain. It is with this in mind that I set out with two classmates, Iris and Miriam, to plan an academic conference for young investigators.

Our conference titled, “Conectando” el Mundo Atlántico: redes, barreras e intercambio (1492-1830) attempts to provide a modern encounter to attack these questions head on (To visit our webpage: We currently have 26 confirmed young investigators to speak on an array of topics, mostly centered on how the Atlantic Ocean instigated exchange both within the various Atlantic Empires (intra-imperial) and across the diverse Empires (inter-imperial).  These young investigators hail from all parts of this Atlantic World: Spain, Mexico, Argentina, USA, England, Holland, Brazil and Portugal. In addition to this multinational-multicultural group we have invited 6 esteemed professors, who are also well represent the different coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Each of these professors will provide an introduction to the session’s themes. In all, it is looking to be a phenomenal encounter filled with many new ideas and theories.

There is only one catch.

To date we have exhausted our traditional funding avenues, such as university and governmental grants, and have come up 2,000 euros short of our necessary goal.  Therefore, we have launched a capital campaign with Kisskissbankbank and would really appreciate any donation you give. Even $5 can go a long way in making our dream a reality. Regardless of your personal ability to give, please pass this message along to friends, relatives, or anyone else who might be willing to help young emerging historians share their innovative ideas with the academic community!

Here is the link to access our site:

Thank you for all of your support!!!


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