A place worth coming home to!


I have briefly mentioned how much I am enjoying my new home, noting my first bed, the good location, the hip decorations, etc.; however,  the true blessing are not the material goods that fill the apartment, but rather the people with whom I share it: Rocio and Cristian. I do not want to share too many of their personal details, since this is not their blog. Both are Spaniards, who have moved to Madrid in pursuit of academic and professional opportunities. Rocio is currently teaching English (no we do not speak in English) and Cristian is studying his Masters in Political Theories in the evening and working in the mornings.

Cristian and Rocio wasted no time in welcoming me into their family and extended friend group. There is nothing better than coming home and recounting all of the events of your life with friends. Even though it has only been a month, I feel as if I have known both of these two for much longer.

Many nights you will find Rocio and I cooking ourselves a feast in the kitchen. I have learned how to make a Spanish Tortilla, Escalivada and fantastic potatoes (click here for our favorite Spanish Recipe site). In return I have shared many different recipes I have picked up along the way, such as good homemade tacos and a house favorite, PANCAKES. The theme of the house is sharing. The weekly dinners that were so essential to my last few flats have now become a common daily tradition, but in their regularity they have not lost their importance. Due to Cristian’s schedule he cannot always join us for a meal, but we at least catch one or two with him every week. Since we all have crazy schedules, it is these meals that bring us together and cement our growing bond.

Speaking of food these next two photos are from our Kitchen, the first of both my roommates and the second is my first tortilla!

CAM00074 CAM00073

Part of being a family, includes  going out together. I have been taken to many new parts of Madrid on our first few outings and we have already decided (we meaning: Cris and I) on our new favorite bar. Below are two pictures from my first night out with Rocio in”La Cabra en el tejado.” All of the art on the walls is made locally and for sale. The beauty of this bar, tucked away in La Latina is that they make quality food and drinks, where you can order anything from a Chai Tea latte to Baba ganoush (Dad, the next time you come to visit I am treating you to a Chai Tea!!).

CAM00071 CAM00072

This serves as an introduction to my newest roommates and I can only assume that they will play major roles in many of the stories to come. And now it is time to conclude as hunger is striking and it’s time to begin our asparagus mushroom risotto!


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