Thank you Ikea for a good night’s sleep


It’s safe to say that I am very very very far behind on all of my blog posts. I am going to try now to sit down and catch myself up to the present because there are too many wonderful things going on and I don’t want you to miss out on any of the adventures.

Where we last left off, I had just moved into a new flat, finished a competition at our  home pool and spent a fabulous night with family friends: William and David. There was one snag in the whole equation, I was missing a bed. Our flat was originally unfurnished. Everything that we have has been graciously donated from a past inhabitant. Nacho, who lived in the room before me, needs the bed that he bought for his new apartment, which is of course not a problem. It just meant that I spent my first Sunday in the flat in IKEA looking for a my own bed. Since I knew before I moved in that I would need to buy a bed, I dutifully looked on the main web site to see the different makes and models. I wanted to be an efficient and smart shopper. I wanted to spend no more than an hour in IKEA because I wanted to enjoy my first Sunday in my new flat.

However, nothing in IKEA is every that easy. Even picking out lightbulbs becomes difficult as you sit and ponder do I get the round, square, or oval? The truth is that you need something that provides light, but with so many choices in front of you it becomes nearly impossible to make a decision. Usually when faced in such situations, I just decide I do not need anything and go home empty handed, something that was impossible when I was searching for something as important as a bed.

At one point in my adventure I found myself lost in a sea of bed  frames when I was truly looking for the mattresses. As I will explain later, I had firmly decided on the bed frame long before I arrived.  I remember wandering aimlessly though the different displays, frustratingly checking every tag two, three, four times trying to figure out why every bed had the same ultra expensive mattress. It was not until I turned another corner that I was pleasantly greeted with the entire plethora of IKEA mattresses.

After trying out many of the different models I finally decided upon one that fit my fancy, a basic foam mattress. It has a 25 year guarantee and more importantly, was the most comfortable one that I tested.

The next step was attempting to find the bed frame and mattress in their large warehouse. Fortunately, that was the easy task since everything is truly well labeled, even if I cannot read the Swedish names. The only difficulty was maneuvering the small trolley cart with a double bed frame and mattress, but like all things in life, if there is a will there is a way.

Later that afternoon the pieces of my bed arrived in my room. I was not only scrupulous in which design I bought based on its price, but also the ease in which it could be assembled. There are many IKEA products that are absolutely fabulous if you are handy with tools. I am not. And therefore, such things would be an absolute nightmare of a sleeping situation. Instead I bought the one bed frame that literally lifted the bed off the floor and required basically no construction. The two bases came fully assembled and my one task was to attach the feet and connect the two pieces. It was completed without any errors (to my knowledge) in less than an hour.

The mattress; however, provided slight difficulty. It does not come true to the size of your bed, but rather rolled in a long tube. When you un-roll it, the instruction manual says that you must wait 72 hours before use. Such news dashed all excitement of sleeping in my new bed. In fact, I felt rather gypped that I had bought a bed and still was not able to use it. Yet, the internet is a wonderful invention because after a few google searches I realized that I could indeed sleep in my new bed it would just be rather hard for the first couple of days, which was  true. Currently, I slumber without any difficulties and in fact look forward to the peaceful rest my OWN bed grants me.

I must say that this is quite a milestone as it is the first bed I have ever boughten! I am still perfecting my room’s set up but will soon send photos of my new room and flat!!


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