Tapapies and Cooking with Friends!


I believe that food is made with love and the act of sharing a warm meal brings people together.  A couple of weeks ago I got together with a couple of my friends from my SwimTeam, Samni, Javi, Iris, David, Maren and Pepelu.  Together we put together a large feast consisting of my favorite Indian dish, Chicken Korma. After a long Saturday morning practice we headed first to Mercadona, the large supermarket to buy all of the needed ingredients for our feast and then headed back to Samni and Pepelu’s apartment to cook. We each played a different role in bringing the meal together, Javi bravely cut the onions, Pepelu cut the chicken, Iris saved the day with helping the cream sauce, etc. To me, this is what sharing a meal means, using everyone’s talents together to make something delicious!

Sufficiently stuffed with good food and good company we headed home to our own rooms for a quick nap before heading out for the night. We went to the festival Tapapies, held in the neighborhood, Lavapies. The name of the event is a play on words because they were serving Tapas! As soon as we stepped off the metro, we were greeted with a soft hum of people strolling through the streets.  And as we neared the heart of the neighborhood, people swarmed into the streets carrying hot plates from the various bars, and live music played on street corners. For one week a bunch of different restaurants each offered a specialty dish for one euro to give tastes of different parts of the world. We visited on its last night and stopped in a few different restaurants to try their concoctions.

Personally, I think the conception of the event was genius; however, the food that I ate was not all that spectacular. Somewhere between cooking for the masses and on a tight budget, while trying to create unique dishes lay the problem with the mediocre quality of food.

That being said, I would happily go back next year because in all honesty, these types of events are more about their atmosphere than the quality of food. I love any event that takes you into the streets, providing a chance to explore a  neighborhood, which you ordinarily would not visit, especially when the visits do not break your budget!


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