6 Degrees of Separation


In 1929 Frigyes Karinthy proposed that, mathematically speaking, due to increased modes of transportation and communications the world instead of growing would begin to shrink as friendships and relationships spanned larger distances. This theory spawned what is commonly known as 6 Degrees of Separation, meaning that any two individuals are connected by at most five acquaintances.

On the Saturday after competing I had the opportunity to meet up with two friends of my parents, David and William. They decided to take a long tour of Spain and just happened to be stopping for a few days in Madrid and proposed getting together. I had not had the pleasure of knowing them before the trip; however, they had such great recommendations I knew that we had to meet.

Tibo, Morgane, and I always used to talk about how we wondered how all of the people were able to get on top of the Old Postoffice overlooking the Plaza Cibeles. We assumed that they were the rich and fabulous, out of our league. Then I accompanied Hernan on a tour, where we stopped by the look at the amazing view and I learned how one gains access to this building. David and William told me that they wanted something special and with their hotel being within walking distance and still warm weather outside, I thought let’s give it a whirl. I know that the drinks were on the pricey-er side for Madrid, but the view was worth every penny. (I am currently asking them for photos, since the ones taken on my phone do not do it justice.) As it started to get cold, instead of going inside we were moved to chase lounge chairs and given blankets and heaters, where we continued our lively conversation.

After soaking up the night sky we headed to Plaza Santa Ana for dinner. We ordered an array of different plates to share, all of which were amazing. It’s normally considered that Spaniards eat late, but apparently these Americans were the night owls, since they closed the kitchens before we could order a second round of food. Over the course of the evening, we not only shared our dishes, but rather different tales of our lives and adventures, creating the fabric of a new friendship. One aspect of our conversation has stuck with me, which is this concept of 6 degrees of separation, in which we went through all of the different ways in which we were all connected, through various friends and family in the greater Sacramento community. As we concluded, the world is a beautifully, small place.




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