A Little NE in Madrid


Just when I thought I was missing home, home came and visited.

Two weeks ago I was blessed to be visited by Sally and Lou Roper, who were traveling throughout northern Spain for their annual getaway. We met at their Hotel Europa and went out for a dinner of Tapas, something that Sally previously mentioned that she wanted to do.  Although there are many places to have tapas, we headed to Cava Baja for the night. For reference, I have taken both my family and Ali to the same street, I guess it is my place to take friends who come to visit.

We stopped in two different restaurants, (comically the same ones as when I was with Ali) and ate a smorgasbord of traditional Spanish food. As good as the dinner was, that was not my highlight of the night. Instead it was being with such wonderful people, as my father always says: “Good Nebraska Folk.” I also loved hearing about all of the Perry’s, especially my grandmother Noanie and how proud everyone is of all of her recent accomplishments. They told me the yard looks absolutely fantastic!  For me, it was a chance to get home, without leaving Madrid and I am so thankful that they stopped by and said hello.

We took a few pictures on Sally’s camera and when I get them I will upload them to the post.



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