TFM: Las Descalzas Reales


TFM stands for Trabajo Fin de Master or Final Master Project. The intention of the project is to provide a chance for individual research with the help of a professor. Each professor willing to tutor a young student recommends a project and then each student picks one that encapsulates their interests. Or at least this is the way that it should work. Since I am doing the masters in part time, (2 years as opposed to 1) I have had the fortune to take many diverse courses and came across a topic that fully stimulated me, Las Descalzas Reales. And so in late August/Early September I wrote an email to my professor María José del Río Barredo to see if she would be willing to tutor me in a study of this topic. 

Over the summer I have read many different secondary sources and after meeting with Professor del Río Barredo I have a clear direction of how to attack my personal questions. This next week I will get my official library card from the Biblioteca Nacional, and will start in earnest investigating the primary sources of this project.  Without giving anything away, the general premise of my investigation is to understand the construction of space in the monastery and to delineate the cloister from the royal quarters. It follows directly in line with the preliminary study that I did last fall for Professor del Río Barredo.  


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