Touring the City: Madrid Museum Tours


How well do I know the city? Better yet, how well do I know Madrid’s fabulous art collection?

I have lived in Madrid for the past year and in many ways have surpassed the simple touristic vision of the city. Yet, the real question lies in, do I know it well enough to give a tour?

Hernan Satt the founder of Madrid Museum Tours believes that I have what it takes to give tours of the Prado Museum. It was while I was in Paris with Lexie that I decided to reach out and find a place to give tours in Madrid. She claimed that she felt as if she owned a part of the art, which struck me as a unique concept. I have always loved giving tours to my family and friends passing through and thought that it would be a phenomenal journey to get to fully know the collection of art present in Madrid.

During our interview Sr. Satt took me to the true “oldest” restaurant in Madrid, which is near the palace, Pardo. Many tourists do not venture  to this restaurant because it is just outside the city. Over a delicious lunch  we discussed different aspects of the history of the city and its art.  It was the first time that I tried, cordero, which consisted of a slow cooked lamb and a side of potatoes.  It is a favorite of many madrileños and now I fully understand why. The tender meat just falls off the bone and coupled with the potatoes it is the perfect hearty lunch.

I was also granted a unique opportunity to follow Sr. Satt on one of his tours last Sunday. It was a real treat to see how a master organizes a tour. This is especially important as Sr. Satt has offered me the chance to create my own tour geared towards families with children. Inspired by Sallie and my trip to the Charlotte Mint Museum of Art, I hope to make the art come alive for both children and adults, by drawing the viewers into each work of art. The most important part of this aim is to find ways for everyone to participate in viewing and examining the artwork.  I am still working out the final kinks and details of this tour, but already have found it to be an eye opening experience, causing me to reexamine each work of art and its history. I am looking forward to further learning from the insight of my guests as we go through the tour together.

I am not sure when I will give my first tour, but am so thankful to be considered part of the Madrid Museum Tours team.


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