A Fresh Start


I previously mentioned that I had to quickly leave my flat and was living in Andrew’s room until I found something more permanent. It took many visits to different flats before I got the right instinctual feeling signaling I had found my new home. 

My personal desires in a flat have changed with each major move that I have made. When I first arrived, I did not care about the size of the room, I just wanted something safe and inexpensive while I looked for something more permanent. My  “jail cell”, I mean room, caused me to desire space. So much so that I was willing to pay more to receive the abundance of meters that was calle Maiquez. But after 8 months of a large room I realized two things. The first being that it is very important to have open communal spaces, so you can spend time with your friends and roommates, more so than a large personal room. In Maiquez I spent most of my time in our small salon or kitchen, even though I had all of that personal space. The second being that a sense of security comes from truly settling into a place. It is not about the size or shape or quality, but about having a place that you feel is home. 

When I walked into the flat I had a guttural sense that this was the place for me. Of course there is no fairytale where every detail is perfect. For instance, after fully believing we had no hot water for showers, I finally learned how bath in warm waters.  It only took a week of impatient failed attempts!! But for the moment, I can take hot showers and all of my things are organized allowing me to  breath happily in my new dwelling. 


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