An afternoon to explore





With much of the day still ahead of us after our tour with Alexandra, we sought to see a few more gems of Prague.

We started our tour with the bell tower of St. Nicolas’s Church, known for being the most beautiful Baroque church in Prague. We climbed the steep flights of stairs to come across this expansive view:

IMG_3535 IMG_3540 IMG_3542

Furthermore, the placards in the bell tower explained the function and casting of bells. Many such bells contained Latin couplets announcing their purpose: “I praise the real God, I summon the people, I assemble the priests / I cry for the dead, I drive away plagues, I celebrate holidays.”  We were told that bells formed part of the universal language, all inhabitants of the city knew their meaning and significance. During the 15th and 16th centuries Prague was known throughout Europe for producing exquisite bells. That being said, with its abundance of quality metals, it was often seized during war. On September 27, 1916 all 267 Prague bells sounded for the last time in honor of the eve of Saint Wenceslas.  IMG_3550

The boys then went into the church of the building while Mom and I waited outside. The following photos were taken by my Dad, whom I am sure would love to give the commentary on them!

IMG_3551 IMG_3552 IMG_3554 IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3559

We hopped onto a bus with the intention of visiting Prague Castle. The grounds are open until midnight, but all of the buildings close at 5 pm. Which meant that we poked around the complex, but saved the tour for the following morning.


These are the photos of the cathedral peeking out of the walls of the surrounding complex. IMG_3565 IMG_3563

Inside the main gates lie austere beige buildings. If you are lucky you can even see the guard change!!

IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3568

These next two photos are of the facade of the cathedral.

IMG_3569 IMG_3571

I found a box with a crimson H on it, clearly Harvard is everywhere. Furthermore, it is not all that easy to make a human “H”.

IMG_3578 IMG_3579

These are backside photos of the cathedral.

IMG_3582 IMG_3585

The complex is based upon the top of the hill, which produces this expansive view of the city. There is a gray wall that we found troubling because from afar it looks as if they are representations of bodies. Upon googling later, I learned that in fact it is part of a mannerist garden built in a private palace and the stalagmite formations are what give the effects we were seeing.

IMG_3586 IMG_3587



Above is one of my favorite photos of the trip featuring Andrew and my Mom, Marcy. Below, is something I am more traditionally known for, photos of people’s backsides…


As we were walking down the path we came across a statue of a woman holding a bird, while a live bird sat on her head. Below are the images of our discovery.

IMG_3595 IMG_3599


From here we kept heading towards Charles Bridge, since I was dying to cross on foot and came across a small garden, Vojanovy Sady. According to its poster it was once an orchard built for the pontifical establishment built in 1248. In 1653 it became the convent for Discalced Carmelites. There were promises of a cave and other such wonders which we could not find; however, Andrew did get a magic wand.

IMG_3605 IMG_3606

Below is an image of a streetlamp that as we passed by caught my eye.


Each city has a special pastry treat. In Prague one of them is Trdelník, which is made from rolled dough wrapped around a long wooden stick and then grilled and topped with a sugary walnut mix. The end result looks something like the large pastry hanging off the hook. For reference, Andrew said that it tasted something like having a sugary pretzel.


The Charles Bridge is lined with many statues. From the base of the bridge you can see some of them. The second photo depicts Saint Michael guarding the bridge.

IMG_3610 IMG_3617 IMG_3619 IMG_3621 IMG_3623 IMG_3624 IMG_3626 IMG_3627


As you can tell it is a very crowded bridge, with a lot of food traffic. Upon reaching the other side of the river we were greeted with live music from the trumpet players and a street performer blowing some of the largest bubbles I have ever seen.

IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3633 IMG_3635  IMG_3637


We walked back past the Royal Theater and to a nearby brewery for a quick drink.

IMG_3639 IMG_3640


Later that evening we stopped for sushi, not your typical czech food, but after all of the heavy meats and potatoes from our previous meals, we were in the mood for something lighter.


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