Travels to Prague


Before I can recount my tales of Prague, I would like to speak of the adventure of arriving home after Spanish Nationals. To avoid the problem that we had on our trip to Las Palmas we attempted to check everyone into the flight online. Of course, I was not able to do so. Fortunately, I was not alone and so during our break between prelims and finals, we attempted to resolve the issue.  Finally, my teammate Jesus called the airline and after 45 minutes figured out how to get us all onto the flight. Ordinarily, I would not stress about missing a flight due to technical difficulties; however, I knew that I had a flight at 10 am on Sunday to meet my family in Prague, and I was not about to miss another day touring around with them.

We headed straight to the airport as soon as the meet finished – the victory celebrations would have to wait until we landed in Madrid.  We checked in without any issues and grabbed a quick bite to eat before boarding the plane.  It was 1 am before we landed and got through the customs check. I was surprised that we had to go through this extra screening, since Las Palmas is part of Spain.  A group of us raced to catch the last metros of the night home.  I, unfortunately, missed all of the team celebrations, since I still had things to do at home before heading out the next morning, but I was with them in spirit.

I was flying Iberia to Prague and again could not check in online, and so I decided to be early to the airport, just in case they oversold my flight. This time there were no problems, which meant that I had a little extra free time in the airport before my flight left. Due to a late plane from Paris, my wait was extended a little longer;  however, I finally boarded the flight and arrived without difficulties in Prague.


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