Let the Swimming Begin: Spanish Nationals


CAM00029 Above: A view of the competition pool.

Although appearing like any other three day, prelims and finals meet, this meet was rather special. Partially because it was my first meet outside of Madrid, but moreover because it was a small intimate meet, nothing like the 1,900 people competing at Trials.

For instance, the 200 butterfly went straight to finals because there were only eight female competitors. Despite the small numbers of competitors, the high quality and positive energy you expect at a championship meet remained. For instance, the first night two national records were broken by two of my teammates. The records kept falling throughout the weekend. I was fortunate to have been part of two relays that broke meet records. I swam four events and went life time best times in 2 of them, and was not far off in the other two. I also had the opportunity to represent the club in 5 team relays.

Real Canoe was crowned champions in both the women’s and men’s competitions. It’s always nice to win, but even better to share this victory with all of my teammates. It has been a pleasure to train alongside everyone and I am looking forward to what this next year will bring us.

IMG-20130809-WA0002Above: Patri and I in our Real Canoe jackets!




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