Hanging out in the airport


Real Canoe left Tuesday around midday for Las Palmas on Gran Canaria to give everyone enough time to acclimate before the meet started on Thursday. It is a direct two and a half hour flight, which meant we would have plenty of time to relax in the hotel and do a loosen swim. 

That is, there would have been enough time for that if our day had gone according to plan. 

Iberia uses a policy where they give preference to customers not based on when you buy the flight, but rather when you check in. That means you could have bought your tickets months in advance, but if someone in front of you buys a ticket and in doing so checks in for the flight, you can be kicked out of your seat. This is a policy we learned the hard way as 4 of our 30 person group were not able to board the flight. I was one of the lucky four! 

After it became clear that we were not going to be cleared off the standby list we went to ticket counter to be placed on the next flight, which was at 4:30. For the disturbance to our trip we were rewarded with a menu del día – lunch from one of the restaurants and the option for a very generous reimbursement. The only catch, we had to walk around half of the huge airport to find the right counter. However, it was well worth the extra footsteps. If I am correct, the sum we each received was more than our original ticket price, which begs the question: how is this Iberian policy profitable? 

Regardless, I am glad that we set out to leave early because I still had all of Wednesday to relax and get ready for the meet and September’s rent is now completely covered!! 


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