Szechuan Cuisine


It was our last meal to cook together and Andrew and I were looking for inspiration. As we were walking around the city Sunday afternoon, we had an epiphany let’s get Szechuan chinese food. We were treated about a year ago to this delicious cuisine with Laura and Alex in NYC and had brought up this restaurant multiple times over the summer, so it only seemed fitting that end our stay with this special treat.

Now you may read that sentence and think how un-spanish, but the truth was that we had spent the weekend visiting Andrew’s favorite bars for their Tapas and had had our fill of good Spanish food. We wanted to end on that note and try something different.

While sitting in the oldest cafe in Madrid, we searched for different restaurants with Szechuan chinese food. Unfortunately, I only found places that served traditional chinese food. One site offered recipes for how to make your own Szechuan dishes. I decided to email Laura and Alex, knowing that they would know which recipes work.  They enthusiastically responded with three different options; however, we settled on just one: Crispy Lamb. (I will save the other two for another day!)

To be honest, it seemed like one of the few ones that we could pull of without buying too many ingredients, which was key since Andrew was leaving the next morning. Here is the recipe:  Per usual tradition, we watched a movie while cooking, which this time was Kevin Hart’s newest standup while the lamb was marinating. Here is a photo of the final product:



This dish is perfect for anyone who is in the mood for Szechuan because it is easy to make and tastes delicious. There is a nice heat that is not overwhelming to this dish and as the following photo proves, we did not just like it, we loved it.



Andrew’s hankering has been remedied for the time being, but he’s already talking about meeting Mitch in NYC to introduce him to trend. Watch out Laura and Alex, you most definitely will have some visitors this fall!!


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  1. Cool recipe. Thanks for sharing – will have to try it here at home.

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