Casa Bella Artes: A Place with a Blinding View


Andrew and I had been looking for something to do in Madrid and one of his co-workers initially mentioned he visit the Casa de Bellas Artes from where you could see all of Madrid. I only knew of the museum and so we tabled the idea.

In many ways we could have easily forgotten if it was not suggested by my friend, Carlotta, Saturday evening as we had a botellón at Templo debod (The best description of Botellón I know  is having drinks with friends as a pregame in the park). On our way home that night she pointed out where the building was and I realized how many times we had walked right on by. Andrew and I decided that it was worth visiting Sunday afternoon.


We stopped for coffee and tea in their cafe in front of the building. The tables spill onto the sidewalk giving the visitor the chance to watch people as they pass by. Given its prominent placement in the heart of Madrid there are many interesting characters to people watch. Additionally, the mist fans help combat the heat that almost seems inevitable this summer.

Around the corner is the entrance to the top floor terrace, from where you can see all of Madrid. We were blinded as soon as we stepped off the elevator. I kept hoping that my eyes would adjust to the bright sunlight and its reflection off the white terrace; however, I do not think they ever full did.

It is a very swanky terrace with chase lounges and expensive drinks. I can understand the appeal, the view is spectacular as the photos will attest.



IMG_3333 IMG_3334 IMG_3335 IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3338

It was particularly entertaining to pick out our favorite parts of the city and see how truly close everything!!


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