Buen Viaje, Mi Amor!


I have difficulty saying goodbye to people that I love. I have had it all my life, an irrational fear that when we part it will be for the last time. What I have learned is that although they will not be there for every second of your journey, they are always in your heart.

That being said, it does not lessen the pain of watching a loved one leave. Last Friday Daniela and her mother packed all of her bags and set off for Mexico. It had been a whirlwind week of deciding when they should fly home.  Daniela’s mother works for American Airlines and they can fly whenever there are open seats on a flight, which in high tourist season makes it tricky to find a flight home.

I was wholly unprepared to say our final goodbyes that Friday morning. I had always thought that we had more time, to do what I am not sure, but I was convinced we had more time.


Daniela, in these last six months, has been more than just a roommate, but rather a soulmate.  I have found a sister, someone with whom I can share my deepest secrets and dreams. I cherished her open spirit – the way she embraced  life – every moment of it, and selfishly on Friday I was not ready for her to return to Mexico.

They left early Friday morning to head to the airport in hopes that they could get onto one of the flights to Dallas or Miami. Daniela made me promise that I would not be sad when she left and I tried very hard to heed her request.  I had just finished practice, sat down to eat dinner in front of the movie Stoker, when to my dismay I heard “Hola Hola!!!” in an all too familiar voice.

Daniela and her mother had been unsuccessful and had spent the entire day in the airport only to learn that they would not be able to get on a flight that day. Instead they had 16 hours left to spend in Madrid. I was right. We did have more time, one more night. We went for drinks on our street and just chatted away as if we had not said our farewells earlier that morning.

The next morning we all woke up early to say our final goodbyes. This time I was ready. This time I knew how important it was for her to go home and my selfishness had subsided. This time there were no tears. (maybe a few…) This time I knew that even though we said goodbye I would hear “hola hola” again and that it was not the last time we would see each other.

Daniela and her mother boarded a flight to Dallas Saturday and made it home in time for Sebastian’s fifth birthday. Although I miss her dearly here in Spain, I am thankful for the time we had together and look forward to hearing about all of her next adventures. Te quiero mi amor!



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