Liberté, Art, and Adieu


Last week our house became a little quieter. Thomas, one of the three amigos moved home to Paris to start his practicas (internship). To honor and celebrate the time that we have spent together, we decided to make a piece of art that we each could keep as a reminder of all of the wonderful memories and moments we shared together.

We bought three canvases and one set of acrylic paints and brushes. Each person was given a canvas to create a work that to them represented the three of us. Then after explaining all of the works to one another, we took the canvases off of their frames and divided each work into three. Then we re-arragned all of the pieces so that each of us had a piece of our own work along with two pieces of each of the others. That way when the three came together we had one full piece. As you can tell from the pictures each work was very different, partially because each of us is different, but together they make beautiful works of art. I am currently looking for a frame so that I can hang mine on my wall. For the three of us, lovers of art, it is the perfect way to memorialize our time together and pieces of Daniela and Thomas will always be with me where ever I go.

969981_10151514801784091_187042741_n  1004592_10151514801829091_369131653_n 1017100_10151514801859091_1965089604_n 1014252_10151514802179091_903668966_n969456_10151514802104091_215264945_n

Wednesday morning, Thomas and I woke up early to take him to the airport and say our final goodbyes. It was hard to see him go, but I know that it is not a final farewell, just an adieu for now. The one lesson that I have learned from this experience is that great people come into your life and although they cannot accompany you on every step of your journey, they leave their footprint on your journey and in that sense are continually with you wherever you are.


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