Thesis Presentations


On Monday I had to turn in a hard copy of my final paper, the one that had been turned in without its images. While on campus I found out that the thesis presentations, the following day would be open and that I could attend. Not only to give moral support to my colleagues, I wanted to know what this presentation entailed, since I will be giving one next year. It also was a way to actually learn what my everyone is focusing on, since we have spoken about these projects, but never in detail. Each person is given five minutes to present their topic. In addition, he or she turns in a written outline of the project, along with an index, and the bibliography consulted for the paper. After which, three professors give constructive advice on ways for the student to better their TFM (Trabajo final de Masteres). The major critique of the morning was the scope of these projects, since many, if not all, have aspirations to write a doctoral thesis afterwards on this same topic, have very ambitious aims. The professors mainly advised most students to focus in depth on one crucial aspect and perfect it, which will later help in their doctoral thesis, forming the base for a chapter or whole section. I have slightly different aims than my classmates, since I do not aspire to obtain my doctoral degree at UAM, nor with this project. I am not sure where I will study but at the moment I believe that I will venture somewhere in the States to pursue my Phd. I do believe that this project will help as I start to learn how to answer the types of political, spatial, and ceremonial questions that I have, but for now I do not think it will form the base of my doctoral project. I was very happy to attend this session and wish my colleagues the best of luck this summer as they write these projects. 


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