Mills Moves to Madrid


Saturday morning while I was at morning practice Andrew moved into his apartment for the summer. After a week of bunking with me, he finally became a resident of Madrid.

After practice, I visited to see how his move was going. We then ventured to the Carrefour in Aluche, which is a huge walmart style super market to help him get discounted essentials like body wash, shampoo, detergent, and food staples such as rice, quinoa ect.

It was a rather easy move, since he did not bring that many things with him as he is only here for two months and most of his wardrobe consists of office attire. Furthermore, he is a boy, which also means that he does not need many things to get by and look fly.

We visited the local grocery store to get the rest of the essentials for his new home and then later I taught him how to cook quinoa and my favorite quinoa salad, with warmed spinach and goat cheese. Andrew’s stomach was still a little on the fritz and so to get ready for his first week of work we split up and he went home and I went out with Tibo, Morgane, Alexia, Carolina, David and a couple of David’s friends from Switzerland. Upon arriving at Morgane and Tibo’s flat, his family who was visited, decided to play a trick on me and his step father answered the door in French demanding to know why I was disrupting their dinner. Taken aback, I looked around to make sure that I was in the right place, and finally seeing the photo collages of Morgane and Tibo on the wall I knew I was in the right place. The perfect start to a wild night!

On Sunday, Andrew and I went for a long walk in Retiro, which fortunately is right around the corner from our apartments and then had a café bonbon on the terrace to celebrate his arrival in the city.


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