For the Love of Futbol


I have not been to the stadium since I arrived in Madrid this year. The last time I went was in 2009 to a game with Anne and Vishal. Partially my absence can be explained due to lack of time, but more correctly, I do not have the same love as many for the sport of futbol. Like most sports, I find it to be more interesting to go with people who love the sport and can tell me what I am watching. Their love for the game is always infectious. Therefore, on June 9th Andrew and I went to a game of futbol at the San Bernabeu Stadium. Since it is not regular season, we watched a veteran’s game in which Real Madrid played Juventus. We bought some pipas (sunflower seeds) outside the stadium so that we could be true spectators and take part in the tradition of eating them in the stadium. We received a special treat and got to see Zidane play. The first 80 or so minutes he played for Real Madrid, but since he had also played for Juventus, the last 10 minutes or so he switched teams.  Every time he received the ball the entire crowd erupted, a reminder that legends never die. I can see why so many people love to attend games at this stadium, especially because we had phenomenal seats – the first row in the first balcony, which let us see everything on the field without anyone in the way. The atmosphere is amazing no matter where you are sitting.  It was a nice treat to share the game with the biggest futbol fan in the family!


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