American Cuisine – The Mills’ Kids Cook Dinner


On Tuesday, we had the last of our family dinners, cooked with “real” American food. I have previously written that I did not know what to cook to epitomize our cuisine, other than hot dogs and hamburgers, but that is slightly a lie. Since I knew one thing that I associate with good home cooking, but I was saving it for this dinner with Andrew. Partially, because I know it’s one of his favorite foods and it just seemed right to do it with him.

We started with a theme – America. That meant everything from our drink choice to dessert had to be strictly American food. For drinks we chose Kentucky Bourbon, since it was one of the few alcohols that we knew of that was produced in America and made Mint Juleps, which are usually served at the Kentucky Derby. It’s a sweet refreshing drink that cools you off on a hot day, that I would highly recommend to bourbon lovers and haters. For our first course we served a spinach strawberry salad. We wanted to include Mom’s poppyseed dressing, but could not find poppy seeds and so it was that salad sans poppy seeds and with a little goat cheese sprinkled on top. For the main course we roasted dry rubbed ribs in my oven, which for once made a phenomenal meal. I think the gas and fire really added to the smokiness of the ribs. Alongside the ribs were with twice baked potatoes. Many of my european friends had never had such a potato and were raving about how great they were, I will admit that we made some very delicious twice baked potatoes. In many senses the backyard barbecue, that I fully associate with summers in America, came to Calle Maiquez’s little salon. We finished the meal with a peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. After stuffing ourselves we played Mexican bingo. I never won…

I say that this was the last of our dinners because it was the last time that Thomas, Daniela, and I would be living together. Julia our other faithful dinner mate was also able to accompany us for our Last Supper before she left on Thursday. As such, it was the last time the core group would get together and share a delicious meal in our salon. I am so grateful for all of the memories that we all shared in this little room and I hope to carry on the tradition with my next roommates so that there is always the spirit of love and giving in Calle Maiquez.

[We took photos of our food, since we were extremely proud of how well it turned out. But they are on Andrew’s phone and so I have no idea when I will get ahold of those photos to attach here.]


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