Romeo y Julieta: The Ballet


Who does not want to see the national ballet? For some it can be a snoozer, but Daniela and I were dying to see the rendition of Romeo and Juliet. The only obstacle were the ticket prices, since most of the cheap tickets were at minimum 25 euros and if you remember what happened with Don Diego we were not too thrilled to just shell out money. We probably would have done it, had we not found out about the student discount.

Students can buy the remaining tickets to any show at the royal theater in Opera for a 90% discount of the price. We arrived in the cue at 4 pm, four hours before the show started to get our tickets. We were able to get seats in the ground floor, some of the most expensive tickets for 10.60 euros. (Regularly priced 106.00 euros).

With tickets in hand, we headed to a Mexican restaurant that was not too far away. Daniela had not been to a Mexican restaurant since her arrival and neither had Ana, so we decided now was the time for her to get some authentic Mexican food (or at least close).  Image

As you can see it was super brightly decorated, with murals depicting the feats and famous people of Mexico. Both of my friends, Ana and Daniela, were loving looking around. I knew we were at a good place when they brought out the true spicy salsa, not the kind that we tend to get in the states at Chevys or Chipotle. We all ordered the menu which for me included a melted cheese dip (to die for) and three tacos of chicken with Calabaza Flower (I still remember ordering this in a quesadilla in Mexico in Actopan and the dish lived up to my inflated memory). 

After stuffing our bellies with good food we made our way back to the theater and took our seats. Here is a picture of us in them; however, it doesn’t really show how close to the stage we were. Image

The rendition of Romeo and Juliet was decent. I will not venture to say it was the most phenomenal performance that I have ever seen because the love affair between the two leads was rather lackluster. For some reason, we could not put our finger on what, the passion of the two young lovers was missing. That being said, the score was unbelievable and there were many scenes that were incredibly beautiful. I think it suffices to say that I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend, and even more so that I only paid 10 euros for the show. I have a feeling that we will be attending more often, now that we know how easy and affordable it is to see such performances. 


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