Cuba en Casa


I am a little late, and by little it appears to have been a couple of weeks since my last post. I guess life has been moving a little too fast. I will try to update all of the past fun activities before I head off to Evora this week.

On April 20th, we had another fun in-house dinner; however, not at our apartment, but Julia’s. It is a fabulous space off of the river, but sadly has the same type of kitchen apparatus from the seventies that we have. Clearly this was a trend that no one has since wanted to fix. That being said, the spacious living room fully makes up for any outdated kitchens.

Thomas, Julia, Lucile, Adrien and I cooked cuban food. There is not resident cuban in our group, just rather a hankering for some good food, if I am not mistaken more a hankering for mojitos… 

Our feast consisted of mojitos, an avocado tuna shrimp salad, and this grand rice mixture (rice, ginger, sausage, beans, onion, eggs, bacon, ect). It was one of those quick throw together meals, where you put basically everything into the pot and hope it works out. This was a winner and I will happily make it again. I have been eating the avocado/tuna/shrimp mixture often as it is a quick delicious meal. 

After dinner we played King’s Cup, a traditional universal drinking game.  It definitely tested all of our language skills since we played in Spanish/French/English (many of the questions involve categories or rhyming and so we used all three languages which made it rather interesting). My new favorite number is “los cuarenta ladrones de Alvin Dara” to replace any card of your choosing. In this game, you chant the <<los cuarenta ladrones de Alvin Dara>> to which the first person moves, then the second time it is chanted the second person repeats the move, and so each person is one behind the person in front of them. You keep chanting and changing dance moves until someone messes up. Quite fun to watch the progression of moves, and I think my love for it comes from the use of dance instead of language!! (*side note: the other three study translations and so you can imagine their skill in switching effortlessly from one language to the next – at least I can effortlessly speak dance) 

Here are some pictures from our adventures in the club Mondo after our delicious dinner! ImageImage


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