Conference Shopping


I think I may have missed the shopping gene. I enjoy browsing upon occasion, given that it has been a while since I last did so, but really do not like to go shopping unless I need something. Getting ready to speak at my conference this week provided such an occasion. 

I went shopping with Daniela, Ana and Morgane. Although I was looking for a green dress that I had seen a few weeks before, I was out of luck. Apparently they only had it in white, and well we all know how terrible that would be for me. Stains have a death wise for me and just want to ruin all of my nice clothes; I am currently working on a truce, but they drive a hard bargain. 

That being said, I am more excited about what I did find. I found two really nice tops that are versatile, with the right bottoms they can be casual wear out with friends or classy professional. I also found a fun statement necklace that is full of bright colors and beads, something that I know I will get a lot of use out of. And a pair of sandals that are light teal and gold. (A little more than the cost of one dress but many more outfits and utility will be derived from these purchases) I will hopefully take photos of everything at some point either before I go or afterwards to document such wonderful purchases. Now I am fully shopped out and really have no desire to go any time soon. 

Ana had to leave us after a while, but then we headed to Morgane’s for a delicious dinner and girls night. Since Daniela and I had been sick we did not join Morgane and the boys out on the town, but went home to get some much needed rest. All in all it was a great day of shopping!!


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