Tuesday Night Dinner! American Style?


It was finally my turn to cook on our Tuesday Night Dinners. Everyone thus far has picked some of their favorite dishes from home, dishes that represent in many ways their culture. I was a little lost, what do I make Hamburgers? What it comes down to, is that the US is a melting pot, you can find any dish within any tradition across the 50 states. That in many ways is a beautiful thing, but it makes it hard when you are trying to cook like your country. 

Instead of being American, I just cooked something I would like to eat, Chicken Korma. Last year my parents gave me the William Sonoma Taste of the World Cookbook, which I highly recommend. Basically every dish I made from it was easy, not filled with too many ingredients, but a huge hit with our family. This was one of the favorites and was our easter dinner last year.  To balance out the meal we attempted to make na’an. I wish that we have a photo of Thomas’s hands filled with the dough, but I guess memories are good enough. Once you get the hang of it, it is surprisingly easy. 

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert. Thomas has been asking me for months for a carrot cake. It is his favorite dessert, in a quote “there are many things I would do for carrot cake” (this of course was in reference to hand grating all of the carrots necessary for said cake). You can see the fruit of his labor on the table in the photos. We did not frost the cake as it was sweet enough, but I think for now we have covered that base. (We are going to make a cheesecake, but I am still concerned how that will come out with our oven….)

All in all, it was a great evening, we even had another mini-photo shoot to document the good times in our salon! (Ranging from silly to serious)ImageImageImageImage


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