Déja vu


Four years ago when I spent my summer in Madrid I decided to get my nose pierced. It was quite an adventure in and of itself, but to make the story short: after much research of a good reputable place to go Anne and I headed over to the studio. Only to find out that it was the first day of their August vacation, meaning they would not be open for the rest of the month. Saddened, we walked back home and by chance found ourselves on calle Fuencarrel (it has many different characteristics, one of which is having many tattoo and piercing parlors, the other is that prostitutes line the street at night). Anne found one place that she said looked like it could be good, but it just didn’t feel right to me. It was missing the quintessential vibe.

We were nearing the end of the street when one store popped out. It was clean and it just seemed meant to be. And so at Tattoo Center I got my nose pierced. And in four years have not had a single problem!!

A couple of weeks ago Daniela started asking me about my piercing. She had always wanted one and was thinking of getting it done while she was here. I told her that she was in luck because I had gotten it done here, and remembered where the shop was. Saturday was the big day! We boarded the bus that took us to Sol and promptly went back to Tattoo Center.

It has changed somewhat over the four years, but the most important aspect has not: it is still impeccably clean. Being in the shop took me back; however, it was a role reversal. I was now Anne waiting patiently in the waiting room instead of sitting in the chair waiting for the needle. Fortunately you do not have to wait long, since it is a very fast procedure. I don’t think I ever thought that I would go back into that salon, but it was nice to accompany Daniela on her quest for a nose ring and it brought back some great memories!!




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