Easter Sunday


Many in my family competed in the annual easter egg hunt at Perry’s port and Hudson Lake, and if I understand the emails correctly Anna and Aiden won the golden eggs. Congrats to both of you!! 

I did not compete in any easter egg hunts, nor did I do anything particularly festive. However, I was able to spend some time with part of my SwimMAC family. Kelly and Kaitlyn Kent are visiting Spain during Kaitlyn’s spring break and sent me an email seeing if I was around Madrid. We were able to meet up briefly Saturday evening, but were fortunately able to spend more time together on Sunday. The Kents graciously invited me to dinner where I met many of the other students and members of their group. There was no ham, nor easter bunny cake, but it was very lovely to celebrate the evening with friends, and of course Spanish food is never bad. 

After dinner we took a quick tour of my apartment so that they could get a feel for how and where I live. I can say I am much more willing to show this apartment off than my last one. As Kaitlyn know’s she and all guests are always welcome, especially because thanks to Stefan I have a hover craft to blow up and let them sleep on!


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