Sunday Brunch


If there was one thing I looked forward to every week while at Harvard it was Sunday Brunch. Our love affair began my freshman year and lasted for four wonderful years. Specialty foods, like veritas waffles, would suddenly appear just as you were getting sick of dining hall food to remind you that good food does exist.  Starting out freshman year all of my friends and I would all gather at a table after a night out and recap what had happened or just talk about whatever. It was one of the few meals you could count on lasting for at least two hours – the suspended time when no one needed to be anywhere, no one was rushing around just able to enjoy one another. 

Although I no longer have a chef preparing all of my food, I thought this week I would bring the tradition back. I invited Morgane, Tibo and Morgane’s friend Natalie who moved to Madrid last week over for brunch. There would not necessarily be the endless amounts of food, but it was very delicious. I made a roasted pepper, red onion and goat cheese frittata, strawberry scones and a papaya, mango, pineapple fruit salad. (recipes at the bottom)

I must say that this brunch has taken the cake for the longest one in my history lasting somewhere around five hours, but that just goes to show how wonderful this meal is. You can spend endless hours with friends just enjoying each other’s company while munching on some goodies. 

I think I will try to have some more brunches especially because frittatas are so much fun and easy to make. 


(To which I recommend adding all of the colors of bell peppers and mushrooms)

(These are absolutely delicious, I just wish our oven worked better so that I could have taken photos)



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