Another year bites the dust…



Thursday I turned 24. It is not a momentous number, not like say 21 or any of the starts of new decades, but for me it was a fabulous birthday. When I think about this day last year, I cannot help but to realize how much has changed in one year.

I woke up and went to 6 o’clock morning practice, not necessarily the most exciting thing to do, but since I cannot swim on Thursday afternoons, it has just become part of my routine. It was actually a great practice with just me, Tibo, Andi and our coach. It was one of those practices where I left feeling empowered.

When I arrived at the house I saw the light on in our salon and that Daniela’s door was open. I did not really think that much of it, but was surprised that she had gotten up so early. All I was really thinking about was getting into my bed for my routine nap. As I drew closer to the salon I realized that it was fully decorated with colorful pendants and there were many colorful packages on our table.

That’s when I knew that something was brewing in our house. I walked into the kitchen to see what our birthday minions were doing. Daniela and Thomas quickly ushered me to my room telling me to take my normal nap.


Of course, there was no way I was about to sleep. Within the next 10 minutes in came Thomas, Adèlie and Daniela with traditional mexican birthday music and a stack of delicious strawberry pancakes.

ImageI made a wish and then we went into the salon to celebrate. They had the whole room decorated, and we listened to many different birthday songs. I also was given the puzzle of finding the words, Feliz Cumpleaños, Happy Birthday, Joyeux anniversaire along with all of our birthdays. Of course no one told me those were the words, I had to use my brain.  Below you can see me grabbing my first word. Sadly my french did not previously include this phrase and so Thomas and Adèlie had to help me. ImageI opened my presents!!! We all devoured the rest of our pancakes and then promptly took much necessary naps. I must admit this little party was far beyond my expectations and was thrilled to start the day off with my roommates.

Life doesn’t really stop on birthdays, and so I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working on school projects. But I was able to run to a cafe to get myself a special cafe, while finishing reading a paper.

That being said, I was able to end the day in another great fashion. We went to an Indian restaurant a couple of blocks from our house called Fathe Pur. I saw this restaurant a while ago and have been dying to try it since then. It was Daniela’s first time eating Indian, and so we got three very different dishes and shared our dinner. It was absolutely fabulous and the perfect way to end my birthday.

In addition, I was blessed to receive many messages and emails from all of my loved ones back home who could not celebrate with me. Thank you to everyone, I appreciate it all!


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