j’aime la france


Tuesday night we had another living room adventure. This time we went to France with our cooks Adèlie and Thomas. They made a Tartiflette, which is a version of a bacon gratin with thick slices of Reblochon melted on top. Although the cheese has a very strong smell, I found this dish to be absolutely scrumptious. This was paired with a salad from Lyon, (it is supposed to have a special type of boiled egg on top, but after two failed attempts, Thomas and I gave up and we fried the eggs instead) and fromage de chèvre melted on toast. 

We listened to many pop french songs from their youth, which somehow prompted me to dance to Britney Spears “Oops I did it again”. I first learned this dance at the Dromberger’s house getting ready for JOs (I believe it was 14u, at least I hope that was the age range) At the pre-tournament bonding sleep over, we attempted to learn this dance which we wanted to perform at the team talent show. I was promptly placed in the back, since “Inspector Gadget” had not yet learned how to dance to rhythm nor control her long arms. Something I am not sure I currently know how to do. That being said, I still can do about 1/2 of the dance… 



I am growing very fond of these Tuesday night adventures. I am the next one to cook; however, we are going to take a week off while for Semana Santa and so I have a little time to plan what it is I want to cook. Any and all suggestions on good “american” food are more than welcome. 


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