PI DAY! Given our way of writing dates (month/day), yesterday, appeared like the number ∏ (Pi) and so it is only appropriate to celebrate with a pie.* Of course, I am not one to pass up an excuse to make a dessert. 

I looked for a bunch of different recipes with Daniela and we picked one where we had most of the ingredients already in our fridge. Neither of us wanted to go to the store and buy a bunch of things, especially after I came home from 11 hours at a conference (more on that later). We made a samoa pie (as in a knock off of the famous girl scout cookies). Here is the recipe if you are interested in making one yourself – http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2013/03/08/samoas-girl-scout-cookie-pie/

It was my first time making a dessert with avocados and I was a little skeptical that it would not turn out like brown guacamole. Especially since after we initially added the chocolate our mixture was still bright green. That being said we had enormously large avocados and just added more chocolate. The final result was deliciousness!!!  I must confess I thought it tasted more like a chocolate coconut pie than the cookies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making again. Warning: it’s a very rich pie and that you do not need more than a little sliver. 

*Here the dates are written as day and then month so 14, 3 which led to confusion as to why I was talking about Pi and making a tarta.  In Spanish our play on words falls short since pie in spanish is tarta and not at all similar to mathematical principles. 


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