A quick trip to Mexico



Last night Ihad an adventure. And it did not involve me leaving the comfort of my own apartment. Quite possibly the best way to travel. Instead, Daniela cooked us all a traditional Mexican dinner. And I felt like I was right back in DF.

We have been talking about each of us cooking from our home countries and Daniela decided to be the first one. She cooked red rice (rice with tomatoes, peas, carrots, onions and delicious spices), guacamole (with homemade fresh chips!!!!), and chicken tacos! To top the whole meal off we had her one of her favorite drinks: tequila and lemon soda (fanta limon) with lime on the rocks (Paloma).

Thomas, Adélie (Thomas’ girlfriend), Julia (a friend of ours) and I got to share Daniela’s delicious meal. We gathered in our tiny salon gorging ourselves on good food and learned a bunch of new drinking games, which led to many giggles. My abs have not hurt that badly from laughing in a long time. (If I ever thought I was bad at the categories game, I am 100 times worse in spanish….caricachupas)

It was a nice break from the normal routine and who would have thought that all this could happen on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday night!


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