Valentines Day


The universal day of love! I think it’s important to celebrate all forms of love on Februrary 14th. Possibly because I have never had a beau on Valentine’s Day, but more because I think that our lives are filled with love and we should celebrate all of the people who surround us and lift us up in both our brightest and darkest hours.

I wanted to send out a few Valentines to those loved ones in the states and abroad and when I was mailing my cards the woman behind the desk exclaimed “My you have a lot of lovers”. I chuckled and replied, yes, there are a lot of people whom I love and love me.

When Valentine’s Day actually rolled around, Daniela and I decided that we would treat ourselves and go out for a fancy meal. We chose to go to a sushi restaurant near our piso. We were on the tad early side, that being 8:30 or 8:45, but it quickly filled with many couples that had our same idea.  The food was good; we had a special three course meal for the day which allowed us to try many unique items in small quantities.  My adventuresome tastebuds are loving the abundance of fixed three course meals in Madrid, I am always trying something new and generally am finding that I like these different concoctions.  I had not had sushi in so long that it was a real treat and of course the company could not be beat.



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