El lindo don diego



I wish I could always post about the amazing adventures that always turn out in my favor. However, as life works, sometimes things just do not go as planned. Saturday night was one of those nights. Daniela, Thomas and I had agreed to go to a play, El lindo don diego, that is currently playing in el teatro pavon in Madrid. The play, written by Agustín Moreto, chronologically falls as on of the last plays from the period of baroque spanish theater, and follows the don diego as he falls victim to his own vanity.

I wish that I could tell you more than this quick summary, but unfortunately this is all I know. We left our flat a little over half an hour before the show started, plenty of time to get there. However, Saturday was also the day of general strike. Due to this the metro was running on half schedule and after waiting for 10 minutes for our first train we were looking like we might get there just in time.

Despite our best efforts we were five minutes late. When we arrived at the theater a “kind” blonde woman told us that we could not enter because it would disrupt and ruin the experience for the rest of the viewers. On one level, I understood what she was saying, but we were only five minutes late. Had we been the only people outside I would have said shame on us…however, in the next five minutes at least 10 other people came running to get to the show. And time and time again the blonde told us that we could not enter.

When we pleaded with her, stating that it was because of the collective strike could she just let us in the back row, not to our specific seats. And again the answer was no. We waited for thirty minutes in the cold hoping that she would change her mind, but the answer was always no. NO! NO! NO! And sadly, our lives have not been enriched by the El lindo don diego.


The lesson learned: you can be late like Spaniards to anything except theatrical performances, for those you must be on time.


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