And Semester 2 Begins!


This week marks the start of my second semester at UAM. Around the end of December and into early January I was complaining that I really needed a break; however, after a couple of weeks of down time and with a new hair cut I was fully ready to start off the new semester. 

I only had two of my three classes this week because the third does not start until next week. The first class focuses on the globalization of the Spanish Monarchy and what this imposition of modern terminology means. It is taught in many guest conference series and given the first meeting and the different topics, I think that it will be a very beneficial course for helping me place the New World within the context of all of Spain’s holdings.

The second course dives into the topic of slavery. Technically, the title is Minorities and Marginalized, but each year the professor picks a specific minority to focus on. Our’s is slavery. I could not be more excited for this course. My first year of Harvard I took a course called the Atlantic Revolution, which broke down normal conventions of America’s independence from England by linking it to the revolutions in France and Haiti. It will be very interesting to add Spain into this mix. 

With just these first two meetings it looks like it is going to a be a great semester!


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